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My New Favorite Sneakers

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Ryka Haiku's in Claret (burgundy) go with everything!

Recently I went on a mission to find beautiful, comfortable, stylish sneakers. Wide width. Yes. I said it. Size 8 wide. The search came about because I recently developed a Morton's neuroma in my left foot and through a turn of events, realized that I had been wearing the wrong size shoes. (This is a link to the story of how my injured foot changed my shoe size.)

In my twenties I wore a 7 1/2 regular. Sometimes I would try on a shoe and it would be a little tight, or the seam in a loafer or boat shoe would jab me in that big bone where your big toe is connected. I just didn't buy those and I accepted that my foot was different and there were certain shoes that I couldn't wear. No big deal. Fast forward about 25 years and I'm wearing an 8 or 8 1/2 sandal and a 9 or 9 1/2 running shoe, sneaker or flat. Weird.

I searched sites for wide sneakers. I read reviews, specifically looking for cushioned insoles and good arches. I also wanted leather or canvas and I wanted them to be stylish, not orthopedic. I finally found some that I loved and I ordered them in a size 8W and anxiously awaited their arrival.

Just a few days later they came in the mail. I was not disappointed!

I reenacted this picture. My Ryka's came in shiny and new. This is after wearing them for a few weeks. I just love them so much!

So, meet my new favorite sneakers! They're soft, perforated suede Ryka's in a crimson/burgundy color. Their official name is Ryka Women's Haiku Loafer. They're stylish, beautiful and comfortable. They come in white, pink, black and claret. (Update, looks like some of the colors have been fazed out on the Ryka site. But, maybe you'll see something else that you like!)

From time to time, I may engage in affiliate marketing. This means that if you use an affiliate link to make a purchase, I may receive a commission on that purchase at no additional cost to you. All efforts are made to ensure that affiliate links are disclosed in accordance with the FTC.


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