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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

I've added a t-shirt line to my Little Texas Talk blog, LittleTexasTees, and I'm featuring my Mom's poinsettia paintings on shirts, bags, mugs and a few other items.

It's taken me a while to set it all up, there's a lot more to it than you'd think. "Just pick a theme, click, link.......and you're in business." Ummmmm, no. Doesn't work like that. I wanted to quit so many times. Other people wanted me to quit, too! But, I was determined.

The blog and the shop aren't perfect and never will be. I'll just have to accept that fact. They're both works in progress. But, I've mostly enjoyed the journey and I'll continue, at my own pace, to create cute shirts that appeal to me, and maybe some other people. And, I'll keep adding little things to the blog that make my life easier. Like Peach Cobbler without having to roll out the crust, and roux for gumbo without standing at the stove stirring for an hour. I just can't accept that there's not a better way to do or make almost anything!

So, if you care to, follow along. If you've got something better to do, I'll understand. And if you have a tip, trick easy-fix, shortcut or hack that you want to share about cooking, cleaning, decorating, sewing....just anything, really, share it! I'd like to know what makes life easier for you, too!

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