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Bathroom Shower Remodel Day 3

Day 3 of the bathroom shower remodel started with our professional in construction (and destruction) shoveling mud out of the shower subfloor. Mud? Yes. Two five-gallon bucket's full. There shouldn't have been mud there, but there was a leak in a pipe, that we didn't know about, behind the wall and near the floor of the shower. So, all of the pipe going to the shower had to be replaced before before the shower could go in.

He ran the new pipe through the ceiling, bypassing all the old, leaky pipe.

This is the point in the project that I'd give up.

While he was making a big mess in the bathroom, I was shopping. I need 2 doors for the back of the house, so I went to the local Ritter Lumber Store to see what they had to offer. I'd already decided that I wanted the kind with built-in blinds. They had those, but it wasn't that easy. You have to pick smooth surface or textured to look like wood, half glass or full glass door and fiberglass or metal. I decided to think on it and maybe ask some other people what they would choose.

Then I went to the local glass shop to look at shower door options. The guy I needed to talk to was out of the office, so I looked at the display models and got a book.

The glass shop offers 7 glass patterns. There are LOTS of glass patterns out there, but the book only has 7, so I'll just pick one of those. I'm absolutely certain that I don't want clear glass. Clear glass is only for hippies, near-sighted people and models! I'm leaning towards the one called "Rain". It looks like buckets of water running down the glass on one side. The other side is smooth to make it easier to clean. I think my people will approve.

After you pick the glass, you have to pick what kind of door to put it in: Hinged, sliding, framed or frameless. You can get a hinged frameless, or a sliding framed. Or a frameless sliding door with a knob, handle or a bar to grab to slide it.

And what about the finish? You can get the hardware in oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, matte black or chrome. The dark colored hardware is distracting to me. All I can see is the hinges and the handles. I think it takes away from the glass and the marble, or whatever material the shower is made out of. I'm thinking chrome. It's a classic. It might go out of style, or it might be out of style right now, but it will eventually circle back around and be all the rage one day.

You know, I saw a really cute shower curtain the other day. Hmmmm

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