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Bathroom Shower Remodel Day 10+

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

The shower remodel is at a stand-still right now. The Professional has taken the doors and drawers to his shop to paint them over a period of a few days while we wait for the shower walls and base to be made and installed. I'm getting the shower walls custom made from a local marble, tile, flooring shop. They came out and took measurements for the vanity top and the shower walls and said it would be 1-2 weeks before the vanity and walls were ready to be installed.

The plan is to have the walls extend 4 inches above the shower nozzle. I considered having the walls go to the ceiling, but after talking to the marble guy I decided that he knew more about shower walls than I did and he advised me not to do that because it looks funny. After living with the bathroom the way it was for so long, and finally getting a total remodel, the last thing I want is to have the shower look funny.

So, this update is pretty short because there's nothing going on right now. As soon as they come to install the marble I'll have something to talk about.

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