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How To Lay Sod

I have a lot of yard work to do this spring. My beds that I put in last fall need to be updated in some spots, and finished in others. I picked out plants and dropped them in a few at a time, planning the shapes and colors along the way, so I need to finish the beds and add some mulch.

I also need to lay some sod in a few places around the house because the oak trees have blocked the sunlight and the grass has disappeared. I got started on the grass yesterday when my oldest son dropped off part of a pallet of grass that he had left over from a landscaping job. I didn't plan on laying sod yesterday, but it was a nice day, so it wasn't too bad. (If you're paying attention, you've figured out through a few posts that I've got one son that does landscaping as a business. Yes, I'm thinking the same thing.)

I snapped a few pictures of the sodding process to share with you, just in case you're thinking about trying it yourself.

The soil needs to be loosened so that the roots of the new grass can take hold. My husband used a tiller to prep the area for me, then I used a rake to level and smooth the soil.


Stagger the pieces of sod by having 2 ends meet in the center of another piece.


This is a small patch that I laid. I used the bucket on my little tractor to move the sod around, but I've handled it a piece at a time, also. Either way works.


This sod is basically just off of the grass truck, but it's not completely green. It's a good idea to water it in and fertilize it right away.

I topped off the sod with a few handfuls of Osmocote Plus time-released fertilize and then soaked it with water. I'll water if daily for a week or so, unless it happens to rain, because sod can be pricey and I don't want it to die before it establishes roots. You can buy fertilize specifically for grass, but I had the Osmocote Plus on hand and it's good stuff. I use it on my shrubs and other plants.

This sod is basically just off the grass truck, but it's not completely green.

You can usually pick up sod at big box stores, local nurseries or landscape supply yards. Some places will deliver, and that's a lot easier than picking it up and unloading it yourself!

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