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Chopped "Everything" Salad

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Add sliced, grilled chicken or taco meat for a full meal.

This salad is a hit every time I make it. It's loaded with bite sized pieces of mushrooms, celery, tomatoes, lettuce and anything else I can think of to throw in the bowl.

You can make this #salad using the ingredients in the Chopped "Everything" Salad or customize it to suit your family. If you make a large salad and plan to have leftovers, then it's a good idea to use "dry" ingredients. Remove the seeds from the tomatoes, and wash and dry all of the ingredients. I like to add hard cheese shreds. Parmesan, Romano or an Italian blend are my favorites. These cheeses are pretty dry, and pack a lot of flavor.



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Mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes and green and purple onions are just a few suggestions for this chopped salad. Choose firm, fresh vegetables for the very best salad.

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